Trailer#2 for Collab: Holyshiryu, Vortex00, Jajandulu, Takuya, and Sanaefroggy

Yes, you don’t need to have your eyes checked, you’re reading the title correctly.

That’s right it’s Cookie Fun Channel:

ReggaeSneak7 - Maiko


…Vortex00 …

ReggaeSneak12 - Maiko


ReggaeSneak10 - shiryu



…Takuya  …

ReggaeSneak18 - Takuya

…and Sanaefroggy


Have fun wrapping your head around the concept us working together~

I’m posting my progress reports mainly through Nekosentai, in that thread you can also see the sneak pics I’ve posted there, quite a lot of them I’d say.

A bit of Trivia, this video is actually one of the many versions of the project you know today as the Iron Loli Challenge AKA the Horse Club video, you see the way I work is that I dress the model up first then make a background that fits her costume’s theme, one of the earlier versions of the video which I already completed was this one, yes it’s been sitting at the backroom for a couple of months now (I told you I have a lot of homework pending!)

So instead of interspersing the dance scenes with sex scenes like in the Horse Club video, I decided to take a leaf from Vortex00 and invite H MMD’ers a chance to make their cameos!

While waiting, you might want to get bigger tissues~

Speaking of Trivia, did you know that you can help out the Cookie Fun Channel for as low as a dollar a month when you donate via Patreon? It’s safe, secure, and easy! A little help goes a long way to keeping the works, collab and otherwise, flowing like…Airin’s juices in certain videos~

Got your presents this Christmas? Well, there’s more for you waiting at the Mega Uploads section and you can give yourselves another round of Happy New Year’s fireworks! Just remember to clean up the keyboard afterwards. Also, remember to check out the Video Catalog for a whole list of goodies out there for you!

Thank you for visiting, and this 2015, stay wiggly! ~( ‘ w ‘ )~

9 thoughts on “Trailer#2 for Collab: Holyshiryu, Vortex00, Jajandulu, Takuya, and Sanaefroggy”

  1. Just to clarify, these r all clips that will be in this project? (I’d love to see more of that blonde cutie in the pink bikini dancing on the beach^^)

      1. ( ‘ w ‘ )y this place, deviantart, my fc2, and pixiv, as well as youtube… there’s also my twitter where i give micro updates. But I try to keep all major updates here or so. All the links are on the left side panel of this page

    1. ( ‘ w ‘ )/ it was the holidays, family came over so there was lots of catching up, drinking, and being a guinea pig for various specialty dishes (the rule being, if I don’t keel over…it’s probably safe to eat) and playing various versus games with the younger generation.

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