MMO Parody: Action B-Rolls

A B-Roll is essentially footage that’s used to cover up unwanted content in the principal video. In this case, I created these B-rolls to cover up parts of the choreography that would be repeated or bland.  Furthermore, it’ll be a familiar piece of choreography that has probably been seen time and time again.  With that in mind, I generated the following clips, what you’re seeing is the full version, some of which may be truncated for synching purposes.

Also, I think it’s a great way to provide trailers for the upcoming video, which will be available on youtube. ( ‘ w ‘ )/

The parties formed are actually a reference to some buddies I play with online, (insert names changed to protect privacy clause here)

Part 1: Vs. Vol Dragon

Is probably the only one featuring a casualty (for comic relief). That’s Airin using Noire Draal’s voice (for those unfamiliar with PSO2, it’s a rare form of an already difficult Dragon Boss), partly because Noire makes me think of a tsundere and Airin has twintails…also because Airin’s armor is black, and she’s armed with a pair of blades.

Part2:  Rumbling with the Goblins (A.K.A. Tako’s Revenge)

The second clip shows the team/guild going against a some goblins. Those familiar with KOF2000 might recognize Airin and Tako parodying a neat trick used by Clark and Ralf players to chain multiple grabs together. Actually it’s (somewhat) implemented in many other games as well that feature tagged partners.

And yes, here’s the screenshot you wanted…


Part3: Climbing the Giant

Shadow of the Colossus was the first game I saw that featured parkour’ing up a giant boss, and Prince of Persia was the first game I saw that featured parkour. This has a more cinematic feel to it but I decided to keep the name tags on anyway. If you’re thinking the transitioning of some of the moves were jumpy, that’s because in games, they do happen; it’s intentional. Usually when the player shortcuts a couple of moves to speed things up.


Part4: Bullet Time…WITH SWORDS

While making B-Rolls that weren’t fighting scenes I naturally decided to look up the motions used by Panty and Stocking during their transformation scene. However, a particular motion used by Panty while a certain Prince of Persia BGM made me think of a new idea. Also, you’re not seeing things, the burly barbarian guy ‘s(Raoh) player name is DorkOfSet.

And that’s it for now, after doing some tinkering I need to make a few more, even shorter b-rolls and of the sexy kind this time, so see you later!

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