Progress Report: MMO Parody (Main Scene Completed)

Here’s some pics taken during development of the new video ( ‘w’ )/ Please wait warmly

I’m parodying the state of MMO’s and Fantasy/RPG-themed games, shows and stories…you know, the Sword and Sorcery Genre where guys dress like bosses and girls wear skimpy clothes only. Nothing wrong with it, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it myself. (Actually I call it the watered down CMNF)


Above was the first and 2nd phase, had to omit loli miku, the penguin, the pony, and some others to get it to start rendering. because the design was too repetitive…though when i think abou it the girls in front pretty  much remind me of sentai rangers, but there’s two blue rangers…so one of them has got to go. There’s lots of Miku, but I know what time it is, and I think it’s time for me to give Alicia some screen time.

mmosneakpeek EX1

The name tags are full of private jokes and the little circle that knows the joke broke their ribs laughing, based on the chat we had.

Which brings up a question for you folks. If MMD (or it’s fanbase thereof) is sexist…where is it being sexist towards? To women who can be stripped and made “receptive” to hentai work? Or to men who seem to be severely lacking in quantity?

Personally it’s not even to be classified as a concern at all since it feeds my fetishes quite well.

Please wait warmly~

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4 thoughts on “Progress Report: MMO Parody (Main Scene Completed)”

  1. nice! is loli miku coming back in the scene? i’m pretty sure people (not me) find this sexist towards women/girls. for me, the more skimpy/nude girls you have the better 🙂

  2. Ooh the teasers look cute. Can’t wait for the video:) Yes I think some people find MMD (and porn/hentai in general) sexist but like I said to a DA poll about wether or not NSFW works should be allowed in the SMF-Ponies group, “Yes. Most of the people that birch about this stuff can easily ignore/omit it from their internet lives (either by not visiting certain sites or activating content filters) but They choose not so that they can feel self righteous and have something to bitch about.” I say bring on the girls and skimpy clothing!

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