9th and 10th time in the Pixiv Daily Rankings!

I was holding off posting about the 9th time I made it into the pixiv daily rankings yet here it was when I woke up, a TENTH time just came in.

Ninth Iteration into the Daily Rankings

Tenth Iteration into the Daily Rankings

Click on the picture for the “Thank You” Picture I just sent in Pixiv, it contains all the ranking lists my works have made it to.

Alternatively, here’ the link



Yes, ten of them, all told. Ever since I’ve posted animated pictures (i.e. ugoira) almost one month ago, just check the timestamp… I’ve been getting myself into the daily rankings almost every time I post something.

pixiv ten rankings


Once again, thank you so much for your support m( _  _ )m

If you haven’t done so yet,  please support the Cookie Fun Channel for more full-time works, that way I can also obtain funding to get a new computer, it’s all done on an old P4, so even an i3 would be more than what I could ask for. Please consider! (^ w^)/

Also, if you’re new to the Channel, and now want to see the ecchi and hentai stuff that’s made me win those Daily Rankings, please see the Mega Uploads for downloadable goodies, and the Video Catalog for a whole list of everything I made so far.

\(^ w ^)/  Thank you so much for visiting and share the fappiness!


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