TRAILER: Eternal Third Eye

(o wo)7 well I’m going to be straight up and say that this upcoming work won’t be having any ecchi on it, rather some mild guro instead (No, nothing overtly graphic like that, that’s not what I’m after. I don’t particularly like guro, but as an artist I know a method that’s guarantee to evoke strong emotions when I see one. So in other words, don’t expect heads getting ripped off or anything like that, just some blood, because it’s Hell Metal). I know it’s not my thing, but I feel that I really have to make this.

The video is a result of my experimentation to use Handbrake which supposedly can lower the size while maintaining the quality. For some reason that did not work, but still, I can make use of the Test video by marketing it as an intentionally LQ trailer. It actually lends to the vagueness which sparks intrigue.

Please wait warmly for the upcoming finished work! As for all my supporters via Patreon, I’ve included all your names in the credits section too s(^ w ^)/ Thank you so much for your support!

If you liked the trailer (as well as my other works), you can help the Cookie Fun Channel by supporting my Patreon Page!

Speaking of hentai, go to the Mega Uploads where you can download the hentai you’re looking for, and a complimentary Video Catalog containing all of my animated works.

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