In Construction: Hell Metal Touhou

Chireiden-Makai themed video, I haven’t yet though of adding sexy elements to it (would it even fit? and how?) and am working on the singer’s motions, which i’m thinking will involve dramatic gesturing.

Regular singing motions in MMD don’t fit this kind of music, since most of them tend to be bouncy and happy and i need something more solemn. the closest I’ve found so far was the “Owari” motion but I’m not doing Dark Moor’s “Swan Lake” (at least not yet)

Which means I’m fabicating them by hand frame by frame =w=;; this’ll take a while so please wait warmly.

I’ll probably add subliminal Koishis around and a leering Flandre Scarlet later on.

And that concludes the teaser for the new W.I.P today! ( ‘w’ )y

In the meantime I’m uploading other works I haven’t put up yet.

And while waiting, you can visit the Mega Uploads section to see more stuff I’ve already finished, for those new to the site and want to see my resume, visit the Video Catalog section to see everything I’ve made.

Please support the Cookie Fun Channel! If I can get funded for even an i3, that will boost everything I’m making significantly (No people, I haven’t gotten a new computer, i’m still using the same old Pentium 4 to make these awesome works, so your assistance would be gladly appreciated to get me a brand new machine.)


4 thoughts on “In Construction: Hell Metal Touhou”

  1. As for SEX you could have an elevated side stage with cute naked lolis getting banged heavy metal style by other cute naked strap on lolis. Just sayin’

  2. Man, I can’t believe you’re doing all this on a processor that’s AT LEAST 9 years old O_O. I get impatient enough encoding videos on a 3 year old i7.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind compliment.I’m embarrassed to admit it but I am very much in need of acquiring better hardware as soon as possible, hence why I’ve added additional funding goals.
      If these works are to your liking, one can only imagine what better things can I make with a newer machine…
      …but for now I must wait it out for as long as it take. (^ w^;)7

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