Micro Update: Break’s over and time to get back to work (on MMD)

Check the calendar on the right hand side of the page and notice the lack of activity for a couple days, was just taking a short breather before getting back to animating on mmd.  Those couple of days were spent on tweaking models, experimenting with special effects and mixing sounds.

Now, I’ll be uploading the remainder of the other stuff I haven’t put into Mega yet. For those who do notice if I missed anything please let me know.

s( ‘ w ‘ )/ anyway, I’ve finally decided to put some use into those email client thingys (in this case thunderbird) so if you email me, i’ll know it immediately (why didn’t i use it back then? I had no reason to), but still, posting a comment anywhere will definitely get my attention faster than anything else.

And that’s it for now, just letting you  know I’m working on my new projects right now (^ w ^)/

thank you again for the support!

( ' w ' )/O cookie if you comment

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