Eighth Time in the Pixiv Daily Rankings!

pixiv 11-06-2016

第20位 http://www.pixiv.net/ranking.php?mode=daily_r18&content=ugoira&date=20141105#20
作品タイトル:Airin Disco Casino 2

pixiv is the secretariat.
Your work has entered the rankings of 11/5/2014!
Please check all means.
Illustrations R-18 Daily Index to move# 20 http://www.pixiv.net/ranking.php?mode=daily_r18&content=ugoira&date=20141105#20

Once again, thank you so much for support!  it couldn’t have been done without you! m( _  _ )m

もう一度、サポートのためにどうもありがとうございます!それはあなたなしで行われていることができませんでした!m( _  _ )m

The winning picture in HD (click for the niconico page)

ReggaeAirin back

Click here if you haven’t downloaded that movie yet!

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