Love and Joy: Kinomoto Sakura (Director’s Cut) out now on MEGA

Incidentally, there is an actual MMD Rick Roll

If you’ve followed me way back during my Vimeo days, you might recognize this video. But of course most know it as a simple Rickroll created for cheap thrills and laughter, just to make countless pervs all over the world groan and then laugh at themselves for being such gullible people.

That’s all there was to it, right?clippyad1

Actually no, Sakura’s clothes vanish and she does the Love and Joy, with her breasts and butt jiggles all hand-crafted by yours truly.  This is a never-before-scene work of mine, save for some select few trusted friends.

Now just to make things clear, this is one of my olders works, so if you’re looking hot spanking new 60fps video in HD, with Sanaefroggy’s videos being used in the intro only to be cut by a scream of static, this isn’t one of them.

Nor is it something with a spiky dildo jammed inside her lower orifices with girl juices spraying like a garden hose kind of hentai. This is more of ecchi simply by virtue of her doing it without her clothes, something more of a collector’s edition.

And so here it is! Another Cookie Fun Classic, enjoy!

>> Download Here <<

It’s now available for download brought to you by Mega. Please enjoy the show and thank you for visiting! \(^ w ^)/

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One thought on “Love and Joy: Kinomoto Sakura (Director’s Cut) out now on MEGA”

  1. Ooh yay! I remember this lol. Seeing a rickroll vid used for something I was getting “excited” for was, as you said, both very funny and very frustrating:P

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