Top 20 Views by Country 11-3-2014

Japan’s the top viewer, followed by United States, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, that’s not surprising considering they’re the forefronts of technology, art, and innovation.  The others, make me want to do a Zenra soccer… I might not be able to pull that off, but fellow artists! If you’re listening in on this, you better take note.

hmm… no views from equestria, gensokyo, springfield, bikini bottom, or nerima district?

I think voicing out opinions on what kind of content would appeal to you would be in order? I originally was making for an American and Japanese audience in mind…but it looks like I have to get out of that small mindset now.

And that concludes this little infomercial. Have fun visiting and as always, Share the Fappiness!





One thought on “Top 20 Views by Country 11-3-2014”

  1. How can I thought to see the visitors of country classification, the North American continent and in other East Asia that was including Japan, So you are you’llcome also from Europe and Latin America countries.
    Visitors from Europe, France or Italy, but I have had thought or many, surprising to many German visitors also It was unexpected.

    Naked soccer …, It is very good. We are patiently waiting to be realized.

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