Mega Halloween Double DL Treat: Moondance

It’s also available for streaming in FC2 right here, which contains full-on nudity not seen in the youtube version.

K-On and Airin hold a Walpurgisnacht-styled concert, complete with a Night on Bald Mountain Reference. The guitar motions are actually Imas @choreographies sans the arm actions being replaced with strumming. It fit so well for some reason, hardly any tweaking was needed to get it to fit in with the rest of the action.

There was supposed to be a flyby of Alduin, and a giant Suika peering in from the background, but any more stuff kept crashing the file so I cut the two out of the final version.

For this Halloween month special, I’m releasing BOTH versions

>> Download the Youtube Version <<

>> Download the FC2 Edition <<

Incidentally I’m now in the process of making an even heavier MMD, just to give small hint: it’s a Crow’s Claw piece who’s intro is identical to one of Arch Enemy’s songs.

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2 thoughts on “Mega Halloween Double DL Treat: Moondance”

  1. This video is me to upload the, Thank you.

    The enthusiastic atmosphere with of this video, they will be overwhelmed while always.

    A prayer to the demon that exists behind the stage and are seem to lashes, like the ones that I felt when certain festive atmosphere was watching the video of “Ancient Energy”, perhaps I prefer most things you think that it would be one.

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