Ninjin Loves You Yeah! Out Now on Mega


What Gumi, and Rin see…

ninjin front

What Iroha and Luka see…

ninjin rear

What Tako Luka sees


Everyone’s favorite video involving Airin doing a Macross Frontier song. Why she has to do it without her clothes and getting taped on video and recorded is beyond me, much less while a Tako Luka smokes weed in the background.  Even one of the japanese fans noted it


Translation: “That octopus lololololol”

Maybe this is something like the beginning of Airin’s career when her friends put up a bet, or maybe they’re just the lucky winners of last night’s Jackpot. Who knows? I’m not answering that question.

Given that my Vimeo is now offline, for those concerned that the previous version’s camera flashes were a little too harsh on the eyes, they have been dramatically toned down as well.

At any rate, please enjoy the short (and sweet show) with it’s charm of an amateur video feel. (Doesn’t it look like one of those amateur home-made porn thingies to you?)

Now for those previous requesting a simpler kind of video, I could start off by basing such on this kind of format.

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9 thoughts on “Ninjin Loves You Yeah! Out Now on Mega”

  1. I remember the original version of this and thought it was just a generic video but after watching this updated version I now see a background story going on about a haunted house lots of equipment to record ghosts and the girl who lost a bravery bet.Consider making a follow up maybe?

    I love how you always hide eater eggs in your videos and the amateur video feel make this one of my favorite videos.

    Great Job.

  2. Goddamn it! What the bloody hell is the audio track in the intro? I’ve spent the last sodding hour trying to find it and have gotten jack shit for my efforts.

  3. On the Mega page, you have sex marked as “Yes.” I suspect I am being obtuse and something else is happening in the background that I am overlooking. Can you tell me what I’m missing? Thanks 🙂

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