Hurly Burly Loli Trio out now for DL on Mega!


DL is here

It’s not quite often I use all of my lolis in one video, as it usually means for me a struggle between getting the camera shots I want versus equalizing exposure time for each of them equally. I’m more comfortable with solo acts as it enhances the feeling of exposure, of course that doesn’t mean one day I won’t do troupe act worth of Crazy Horse’s shows.

A bit Trivia: this is the exact stage used in the Get Up and Move, I changed some of the lighting and stuff of course but it’s still the same stage.  For most part most of my stages belong to a single work only, and they’re usually an amalgamation of various other stages put thrown in, not quite unlike how Airin is put together, so unfortunately, I can’t honor any requests either in providing the stages as it means tons and tons of time better used in assembling a new video.

This is also one of the first videos using a different overlay. Technololi implies only a certain genre of music and thus, wouldn’t be appropriate if the music was say; J-pop or R&B or heavy rock. The translated title basically means “Doki Doki Roshutsu Bakunyu”

Doki doki is some kind of onomatopeia for heart beats, Roshutsu is for Exhibitionism, and Bakunyu is for big breasts…

“But Erin! they’re flat!” I know and I’m not concerned with it. The word just sounds scandalous and sexualized to me, perfect for a imposing an obscene environment.

And yes, all their ID’s are detailed with their information. As for their three sizes, do not ask, as I mentioned before that I tend to forget to save that info I scribbled on a notepad somewhere. Safe to say I usually base their measurements on Yuri Sakazaki and Athena Asamiya’s sizes. They’re just numbers so I really don’t care whether or not the numbers and visual information matches.

If you live in Japan or have insanely high internet speeds, you should check out the FC2 version, which is almost un-dithered, for some reason.

I forgot the exact instructions on how to make it so, but suffice to say it’s no longer necessary, as it provides incentive on going here to download the full version of the file anyway.

At any rate, please enjoy the video, and thank you very much for supporting the Cookie Fun Channel! ( It’s the fifth time we’ve made it to the Pixiv Rankings this month!)

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