Cookie Fun Channel makes it to the 10-28-2014 Pixiv Daily Rankings!

pixiv 10-28-2014

\(O WO)/ Wow! It just keeps coming and coming! That makes it the fourth time this month I’ve made it into the daily rankings! Thank you so much! And thank you to all my Japanese fans!

Thank you very much for the support! m( _  _ )m

Incidentally #2 was a picture of a big hairy dick. Go figure. Maybe that’s a sign to keep her off them? (o wo)7 who knows?

And now for other news…

We are now at 70.5% of our monthly goal, the details of which you can now see in Patreon! Please consider supporting the Cookie fun Channel for more wacky goodness. \( ‘ w ‘ )/


Here’s a sneak peek at new project, considering whether this will be a youtube release (it’s not like you can see anything anything) or make her body more visible. This november is going to be halloween themed so so means loli ghosts, busty ghosts, succubi, and clowns. Please wait warmly!

This is the foot notes sections with the obligatory Patreon mention, humbly requesting your assistance to keep the Cookie Fun Channel afloat. Also a mention of the Mega Uploads wherein all downloads are listed, as well as the Video Catalog which lists everything chronologically, as well as links to the DDL, FC2, and Youtube.

( ' w ' )/O cookie if you comment

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