Technololi Airin: Transition 99′ [Mega Edition]

airin dark tournament finish edit part 1

Download here!

Okay just a bit of a heads up, this is huge. As this was due to technological constraints at the time. Which means the version you saw in FC2 was dithered prolly over 6x over. This on the other hand, is the pure unadulterated version.

Exactly why it’s so huge I can’t place my finger on it, most I can come up with was the overall length and detail combined and that was before the discovery of a size limiter on my video encoder at the time. Either way that makes it a bit of collector’s oddity to add to your own.

And yes, Airin’s three sizes seem to fluctuate…because I keep forgetting to save her official stats. It seems a little ironic that just when I had completed a new and improved Technololi logo did I start finding more and more usable songs outside of the genre.

Tomorrow I’ll be uploading the Hurly Burly video. Stay tuned!

In the meantime here’s Airin in that costume again as posted in DeviantArt (Ergo I shall now call that her PSO2 costume. Not to be confused with the Quna cosplay with a Tako Luka mag.)

Interestingly…I’m currently a DB Bo/Hu… what a coincidence…

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