Sharing the Fappiness

That slogan just came into my head as soon as I noticed in the options how you can add sharing options like Twitter and Tumblr (There were others like pinterest and stumbleupon and reddit but I surmise they’re nazis like failbook, more research will be conducted after this article)

Time to dig up my old Tumblr then…

And Twitter too, although given how small your tweets can be, idk what to do with it. Most of my inane ramblings are usually not related to mmd or hentai, but as always suggestions are always welcome.  Of course there are those in twitter not aware of my sites yet.

What are your thoughts in trying to maintain two more accounts? And what do you think what I should put in them? Should tumblr be a copypasta of my wordpress? Or what do you think I should be doing differently?



3 thoughts on “Sharing the Fappiness”

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