Cookiefun Channel makes it to the Pixiv Daily Ranking with Two Entries!

pixiv rankings 10-26-2014

m( _  _ )m みんなのサポトありがとございます!私は今からあなたの継続的な支援を賜りますようお願い申し上げます

This time it looks like not one…but TWO of my entries made it into the Daily Pixiv Rankings! Thank you very much for your continued support

The two entries are: (Click to go to the direct Pixiv Page)




I have fiddled around with Tumblr for today, and I decided to take it gradually first.  Start small after all, as they say… so if you have your Tumblr, please add me too? (or is it Tumbl… wait that doesn’t sound right…)


Finally don’t forget you can always support the Cookie Fun Channel safely and securely via Patreon.  Also, you can check out the Mega Uploads for the latest releases or view the whole Catalog and see everything I made!




( ' w ' )/O cookie if you comment

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