Site Update 10/23/2014

I haven’t exactly done away with the mega uploads section, rather, I’ve added a lighter, and more comprehensive page which lists everything chronologically from the beginning.

I’ve also been planning to make a page to sort the videos by character or series, such as making an Airin list or Senran Kagura list.

Also proposed is to also archive for easy use, downloads for various mmd files such as customized models, accessories, stages, and effects. For any authors viewing this in advance; keep in mind what I will host here I claim no “i made this from the first vertex to the last .spa file” all I did was edit it for ease of use.

Finally, I will also be considering the possiblities of running reviews of their various works done by other mmd’ers, not to criticize but simply to talk about what I like about them and features worthy of emulation.

Finally I am considering a simple buffer zone to my site. Why? While I want my site to carry no censorship, I also recognize the use of having some sort of SFW buffer zone as a way to safely put it up in places that do not allow mature works, such as youtube. Patreon is such a page for financial uses and financial promotion. But for youtube and such, I will need another.  Of course this introductory buffer zone will not affect the fans of this site so you don’t need to mind it, but you may find it useful to help introduce it to your friends as well.

Such a buffer zone will carry the standard regulatory warning of mature works.


Finally, with the small changes I’ve made on this site, I would also like to know your opinion on this site in general. As for the header pic, that’s on purpose since I want some huge kind of book cover. In case you hadn’t noticed, it changes every time you reload it or visit another page in this blog.



2 thoughts on “Site Update 10/23/2014”

  1. The new site design looks good. Looks a lot cleaner than the previous one.
    And while not really related to the site redesign, I did notice the link to the “Horseplay Club Preview” in the gallery is broken. Also, the facebook link on the about page is also non-functional.

    I was wondering if you were going to be making more animations with, as you put it: “oral sex, or classic-plain-old-penis-to-vagina-sex” instead of just dildos? I really enjoyed the “Iron Loli Contest” video because of said content.

    In any case, keep up the great work with the videos. It was nice to find someone making MMD videos that is a native english speaker.

    1. The contact page is redacted as I already put the links to reach me on the left side of the blog. Also, any and all comments going into this site are shown to me and therefore should you need to reach me with anything just post a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.

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