Fundraiser Update 10/23/2014

I am pleased to report that in less than a week, we have pledged 38% of monthly goal.  Which means I’m pretty much gaining 1 new patron every day.

Thank you very much for the support that you have tithed in this humble endeavor. m( _  _ )m

In addition I am currently looking up a new form support via BitCoin (yes, I’m from the 12th century, I didn’t know these things exist). Upon completion of procuring the necessary tools I shall provide the necessary information for all coin holders should deign to send me.

Actually, just ONE coin alone will secure the deal for two months. (Note: as of the time of writing; the exchange value is 389.22 USD)

Now to answer some questions; yes, the monthly amount I proposed (200 USD) is –indeed– more or less the minimum wage  per WEEK for the Minimum Wage US Employee.  Yes, I CAN survive on that amount for a MONTH.   (In case you don’t know, I make my own pasta, and my favorites are alio oli and pesto in case you were wondering. When it comes to booze and smokes i just swim across the channel to get them cheap off Marseilles .  Trust me, after leaving sweat camp back in late 2013, I can go Buddhist Diet if I want to.  All in all, I’ll survive.


Thank you very much for listening, and in the meantime, here’s a nice gif I ripped form the last movie






4 thoughts on “Fundraiser Update 10/23/2014”

  1. Nobody in MMD can do what you do. You put so much time into your productions. They are always elaborate and full of action. Just try not to forget that all of us that enjoy the nudity and dances don’t always enjoy stuff shoved up every hole on a model with tons of juice squirting out. Sometimes less is more. All your new ones seem to be going that way and for me is disappointing. The story line in “Saxophone” is great, but I prefer the girls dancing in the background better. Don’t take this as negative but just hoping you won’t forget us that like the more simple kind of dance 🙂

    1. ( ‘w’ )y of course I won’t have every new video featuring a military-grade vibrator, but it was appropriate for the main scene as it depicts a highly sexualized environment and it was only taking place in the casino scenes. (notice that mr. spiky-wikey wasn’t in the table dances and the others)

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