Make Your Bodies Ready: October Edition

casino credits

text appearing in the picture are the credits roll

Projected Release Date: 10/18/2014

Just in time for the weekend! So remember boys (and girls) to study hard and ace whatever exams will be inconveniently be happening your way, because chances are IT’S GONNA HAPPEN. They always tend to happen when I want a weekend to come during my days…so don’t get me started.

And as for you gentlemen (and ladies) no need to skip any friday night booze, because this baby’s coming over in the weekend.

So just to explain what’s going on in the picture… the rendering is a two-phase run, cutting down all 95+ GB into a somewhat more reasonable size (*ba-da-dum dsssshhhh!*) so as of the time of picture-taking that means it’s roughly three quarters or so completed. Afterwards I’ll be playing Quality Assurance by watching the video in it’s entriety and then making up poetic excuses for any errors that crop up by calling them intentional bloopers and then uploading it anyway duct-taping any mistakes discreetly and masterfully thanks to sony vegas (capitalization withheld until assurances of that they’ll pay me for advertising their product)

So that leaves today and friday free. Go watch other videos while waiting, abstain from masturbation (unless you come across something real hot, at which case you must tell me immediately even I need a quick break because sharing is a wonderful magical thing) take your vitamins and don’t forget to praise the wooden teeth of George Washington.

And as always! click on Link to see his article in the Zelda Wiki, and here for more MMD madness!



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