Progress Report: The Intermediaries Are In The Works

The main scenes are done as well as the fixes for it, as previously mentioned. Now I need to piece in some intermediary scenes?


Basically in order to sync the saxophone animations with the music, I need to add some extra scenes to fill in some gaps, there’s only so much you can do to reshoot the same scene from a different shot.  Plus, I wanted to go for the Disney’s Pinocchio’s Pleasure islands feel to it, like this bar scene…

intermediaries strip club airin

Look familiar? Yes, it’s the same bar from the Poledancing Sakura video. If  you’ve watched that before you may have noticed some bloopers, that was because I was going to extend that pole dance, but I was side tracked due to the increase in models and parts at the time.  It’s far lighter now given that my new Airin models are now a single model as opposed to the Voltron approach.

And yes, I gave Airin a 2P palette change, this was because the casino had already a lot of red and yellow hues to it.  That and it would m ake sense when she changed from her school uniform

Please wait warmly, and while you’re at it, feel free to the check out my completed videos in the Mega Uploads Section.

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