Sakura’s Home Video [Never Finished It]

Sometime after making the Pomf video I wanted to make a home-video-esque work, feature Sakura spazzing then getting into some action,  the project was never completed and I instead just ended up recycling stuff. Still, I thought I should share this because hey, there’s some charm in unfinished beta-phase work. I rediscovered this while going through my files looking up various customized I’ve yet  to commit to a vmd file.

Won’t be posting any pictures, just download it.

You can view my finished works in the Bat Cave

7 thoughts on “Sakura’s Home Video [Never Finished It]”

  1. I love it! I’m very impressed with what you did on such a small room just wish it had an Enf moment when she noticed the blinds were open the whole time.

  2. I like how tis is her tecno loli submission vid, concept. it would be fun to see a montage of other loli applicants vids. I luv the agressive camera vs te shy loli pov. wut if towards te end of te montage te camera man started going for it. all of tem. a slow build up ten es banging tem all.

  3. …like a Technololi “audition” vid as opposed to submission vid. then te final scene could be te girls reflecting about wut they had to do to get to te top, or someting… as like a premier vid but also building some bakstory. foodz for tougts,, karen could use some character dewelopement. 😉

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