Casino Royale, is still in the works

airin casino 3


Airin sucking on a semen popsicle while dancing with a vibrator on. Huh, that seemed to be a good idea. But you know me, I’m not satisfied by just that. How about some familar girls to go along? When I’m done updating PSO2 I’ll be ripping the casino announcer’s announcements (If any of you can do that for me, I’ll be extremely grateful, as there there’s a crapton of updates going on and I can’t divert all my bandwidth to it yet.)

What’s done

– Airin’s choreography

– All girls’ choreography

–  Stage and props

What’s currently being worked on

– Camera work

–  Audience (I’m planning to use the crowd of old men in business suits)

– Music


“…but Erin! you can forget music, do that during post-production!” (O AO)9 it doesn’t work that way! True I can ignore it (and currently am right now) but the center of the stairs seems awfully empty, the way the girls are set are as if someone should be up there on top,  like a DJ, or the Epic Sax Guy. Whatever is put up there will affect the camera work too, meaning adjustments will have to be made. so I made a compromise of doing the camera work for the current layout as is, until I can decide who gets up there.

So while I’m working, I’d like to know your choices of music, note the total choreography lasts for 6 minutes and 48 seconds, also the background is a casino theme.

keeping in mind of the choreography and background, I’ve made a few choices, let me know which of them you’d prefer (length does not matter! It’s easy for me to extend it, I’ve been doing that in most of my videos and no one’s complained.)

Arashi no Saxophone: Casinos make me think of jazzy music and stuff, and saxophones. If I do this, I need to have an Epic Sax Guy up on the stairs belting away tunes.


You Make Me Feel: Casinos also give me a kinda retro atmosphere, plus just look at the first few seconds of the choreography, it looks so disco-ish. If this is what I’ll go with, I’ll have Namine Ritsu sing it XD or Cloud in drag

If I come up with something disco/dubstep I’ll use Vinyl Scratch.

7 thoughts on “Casino Royale, is still in the works”

  1. Wow, the songs are both awesome. But a chance to see epic sax guy in one of your videos makes me vote for the KoF song. Remember, the pelvic motion is mandatory! And… OMG! Please use pimp Marisa as the sax guy! That would be the very definition of awesome!

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