Kinomoto Sakura’s Sexy Samba Spazz-Out (Daytime)

It’s huge. This is the four-part video that showed in FC2. It’s also the latest version as well. I know many have been waiting for it, but hey, it was huge!

Now that I think of it, it seems to be the finale of a trilogy. First she gets paraded around the city, making occasional stops for the media, then finally the main event held in a plaza with hundreds of onlookers in attendance. ( = w =)b  I give myself a thumbs up for making that out of the blue.


Get to it boys (and girls)! Bring out the tissues!, trim your nails, wash your hands and get ready rumble (in your pants)

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7 thoughts on “Kinomoto Sakura’s Sexy Samba Spazz-Out (Daytime)”

  1. Thank you for re-uploading.
    Since this video was divided by FC2, it is very glad, being able to see it by 4 continuation.
    The place which is carrying out expression which Sakura made the nympholepsy is very good.
    Although the dance itself is simple, a powerful rhythm and festival atmosphere conjointly have come out very well.
    I wanted to happen to be at this place…

  2. MUHAHAHAH! Awwwww, yeah! You released it! This is one of the most awaited videos for me. (But don’t forget the Urucubaca Rin video and the Laj Samba video. It has Airin with twin braids and is the first of your videos I saw!)
    But now I first need to loop Sakura’s video on the big screen for a while xD

  3. Fifteen years ago I vowed I’d never fap (well, fap wasn’t a word then) to Sakura. This may be my greatest test. lol

  4. I’ve always wondered if the people at these loli dance contests and festivals ever feel the need to fapity fap fap. And if they do, is it frowned upon, or is it just like in Himekishi Lilia where they just have a huge metal bucket they just release into? Hehe^^

    1. That made me laugh… maybe it’s okay for the people up front, but in a packed crowd, I’m sure any guy who whips out his thing when the whole crowd is moshing together in such close proximity~ that would make some hilarious misunderstandings XD

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