Oh My Juliet: Are you a Wizard? Edition

Upload finally finished! You can now download link here.

Since PSO2 is currently updating I guess that means more MMD work for me to do, time to belt out some remakes, at least until Loser or MBD Despair shows up.

Protip: Clicking on the pictures in the Mega Uploads page will bring you to the download.

Given the tests I’ve asked around those who do have a working above average knowledge (Mainly fellow EN PSO2 players since they have the IQ necessary simply by existing in that game) reveals that it is not a bug in wordpress but rather, a bug in your own computer. This can probably be resolved by clearing your cache in cookies. Additionally, nazr.in text links are provided “just in case”

Protip 2: This is also out now in FC2  if you have a really fast connection or live in Halcotan

10 thoughts on “Oh My Juliet: Are you a Wizard? Edition”

  1. Thank you for the very pleasant video.
    On the scene of the karaoke of the beginning of video, it laughed in spite of itself.
    It is worrisome what kind of words they were.
    (It is a new idea after w that the size of a breast changes.)
    Smallness -> inside -> it may also be interesting to change with size and to return to the size of smallness.
    (`・ω・´)o彡゚ オッパイ オッパイ

    1. ( ‘w’ )y the original words of the song are not really obscene, but with smart usage of the beep sound, it distorts the message to sound obscene.

      ( ‘w’ )y 歌の本来の言葉は本当にわいせつではないですが、ビープ音のスマートな使い方では、わいせつ音にメッセージを歪ませる。

  2. Airin is good with big breasts and she’s good with small breasts. With big breasts she’s a sultry slut and with small breasts she’s a spunky slut. I’m cool with either.

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