Oh My Juliet – The RPG Version

Up there’s a preview, with a complete pre-listen to go with it.

Synopsis: Airin the knight and Karen the cleric party with a boy wizard, they eat apples, beat the bad guys,  do nothing sexual, and at the end of the episode they impart some value about the magic of being sexless conformist zombies, because MMD is for kids.

I’m currently uploading it as we speak, and as soon as it’s up I”ll post the link.

In the mean time check out the Mega Uploads section, which sports text links courtesy of Nazrin (a very reputable Tako told me she couldn’t access it, so it’s automatically legit in my book.)

One thought on “Oh My Juliet – The RPG Version”

  1. I’m looking forward to see Karen in a video again, it’s been a while.
    Btw, the karaoke intro is awesome! And that synopsis too, lol. Some people really seem to think that way. If only we could have the same “anything goes” spirit as the doujin scene.

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