In Soviet Russia, Hentai comes to YOU!

The Cookie Fun Channel is more than just hijacking people’s TV and showing them Great Justice and holding lewd performances for folks to flock over. Not only do they have people come to them…they come to you!

Sakura Kinomoto, Ruri Hoshino, and White Len come out in a huge samba-esque parade float to the streets of Wiggly Town (because the population seems to be soley comprised of 2d wiggling people people) and bring the lewdness to them, apprently sending all balloons to near-escape velocity in the process…

Chronologically, this was created alongside Sakura Street Samba, but I shelved the idea in favor of newer ones, mainly due to my dissatisfaction with the camera work and the huge screen technology of showing alternate views was not created then.

So here comes a double treat, the Cookie Fun Parade. (Where Ruri and Len went after the first part…I don’t know, maybe they got pulled into a tent to sign autographs for their fans, or eat festival food like hotdogs or something wholesome like that.)

jing lo ba

Download Part 1 of the Street Samba as always, on Mega (who should be paying me)

Download Part 2 of the Street Samba here as well. Especially if you’re having difficulty watching it on FC2

Alternatively you click on the gif to watch the streaming version. (It’s labelled Part01 in Japan to avoid having to pay royalties to boxer Mike Tyson, so it’s called Part02 here in the U.S. just a little bit of trivia)


17 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Hentai comes to YOU!”

  1. My English spoken is poor so I will make it short.I have seen “Senran Kagura live at Budokan Stadium”on fc2 before but it’s not high definition.From then I think about it from time to time when I watch MMD videos.Anyway I found this site and I was happy.Mega is good enough to me.OK,well,I finally realized that I shouldn’t try to speak much English.How can people speak English?It;s like Math.
    Just,think you.
    Also I’m waiting for other video like”閃乱カグラ Urucubaca DANCE’.No meant to force you anyway.

    1. eh…Sorry.I think I have found “[MMD] 閃乱カグラ Urucubaca DANCE” in here.It’s named”senran kagura god”,isn’t it?It was on my download list but I didn’t realized what it is.

      1. lol.I’m talking about “Massara Blue Jeans Hybrid” in this page ,and “Urucubaca DANCE” in this page .
        And the former have a mega download link but can’t be seen in the “MEGA Uploads”page.
        I’m a little confused now.But anyway to download whatever I can see may be a nice choice!I like your artwork,including but not limited to this two.
        Sorry to keep you eyes on this message of mess contains countless syntax errors.I’m not sure what I have said either.
        eh…Cheer up and good luck!And have a nice day.

  2. Like this video, the erotic act performed at a public place is very wonderful.
    I am glad if I also have a street performance in Akihabara video-ized I praying.
    (It which was projected on vision of Disco)

  3. Airin and the Magical Arcade Joystick AND Masked Narcissist are broken links. they say NOT FOUND. Let me know if you read this as I have mentioned it before with no responce

  4. Some of tese fantastic early works might be bueno to redux too and utilize new mas stimulating props tat you didn’t ave before. 🙂

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