Iron Loli Challenge: The Horseplay Contest! [Finally]

First of all, my expression after seeing the upload status hit 100%

It’s finally out! After overcoming lots of hang-ups and delays I’ve finally finished this project. It’s not particularly difficult or grand or anything (just to set your expectations), it’s just that besides the aforementioned delays, I kept getting sidetracked doing other MMD projects which also caught my interest.

If you recall my little homily about making so many iterations of the same choreography, the “Iron Loli Challenge” is actually the very first draft I had, which quickly mutated into a great deal of other ones (strangely enough, the later iterations would include music from Lazy Town, and another with Latino Reggaeton).

Incidentally it led to the creation of the newer, single-model editions of Airin.  In a sense, this video is a send-off to the classic Voltron’ed Aisha Airin…and moving onto to a bigger boobed, version that’s lighter on the resources and a ton more features, such as being compatible with any motion requiring Upper Body bone 2, Groove, Parent Bone, and the bend-over bone.

Not that I’ll discontinue using Classic Airin. I’m sure you’ve already heard me talk about how there’s still lots of them still waiting to be rendered.

airin blow job ani

I picked this view because in reality the dood’s dick is way too big for her mouth. So just use your imagination, don’t worry, there’s tons of sound effects to help you. I ripped not one but two hentais just to get satisfied with the results.

With that said, any and all elemental errors you may see (like some of the crowd not being animated) is intentionally left alone. I didn’t go back to fix those things…not because I was feeling lazy or just wanted this done and over with.

You see, this project has been in the shelves for a very long time.  I felt that any further editions on my part would remove the charm it had. The secret to making it look better? Sony Vegas. After playing the Vegas with the video regarding her date with Len, i finally discovered the possibilities of working with non-linear editing to be endless.

Much apologies to jeans with holes ripped right though them if you’ve been combing this text for the link containing the download. But, with my speech properly ended, you can now get it here.

Just kidding, –>> here <<—

You can reminisce Classic Airin in the Mega Uploads section. Seriously Mega should start paying me for capitalizing their name, but I’ll accept choco chip cookies too

Alternatively, you can support the Cookie Fun Channel directly, safely, and securely via Patreon!

33 thoughts on “Iron Loli Challenge: The Horseplay Contest! [Finally]”

  1. It is very wonderful.
    The contents (it is made very confused) of broadcast and the gap by the side of the televiewer who is looking at it are expressed, and he was able to enjoy himself very much this time.
    The music (Sesame Street ?) which can be heard at the end thinks that it is very nostalgic.
    (Even in Japan, it was broadcast once)

  2. Wow, this turned out amazing. And it’s really long! I think I will need to watch this a few more times to notice all the easter eggs you probably hid in there. Because of the many different scenes this time it feels different. Instead of feeling like a life broadcast, it feels more like a large festival with many “contests” was recorded and edited together.
    The new large breasted Airin is really hot too, though I couldn’t tell you which breast size I prefer. They’re both amazing in different ways, so it’s impossible to decide! XD

  3. いいね!やっぱり衆人環境ってのはいい。

    awesome! being in public is awesome.
    now,is it a contest? what are they complete? the suitableness of partner of horses?
    good. airin,the winner of the contest, must be paired with more strong stock horse.
    I volunteer to be match-maker!

    1. yes I agree! there should be more public contest like this, as soon as I can think of more exiciting ideas! Sorry, I am not fluent in japanese. ( o wou)7

      はい私は同意する!複数の公開コンテストは、すぐに私はより多くのexicitingアイデアを考えることができますように、次のようにあるはず!申し訳ありませんが、私は日本語が堪能ではないです。 ( o wou)7

  4. This work is very wonderful.
    I am also using MMD.
    I would like to make such a wonderful work some day.
    Although it is a question, by what kind of method (the effect ? model ? or the other method ?) is the liquid which is hanging down from the crotch expressed?
    It seems not to be “SelfLotion.”
    (Since it is a Japanese and he is poor at English, I need to allow depending on a translator)

    1. (O AO) 774!?
      The liquid is Self Lotion… I put the Alpha value of a hidden ball accessory to 0.00 to make illusion of dripping. Sorry my Japanese is not good owo;;

      液体は、私が滴りの錯覚を作るために0.00に隠し玉のアクセサリーのアルファ値を入れて…セルフローションです。申し訳ございませんが、私の日本語は良くありません。 owo;;

  5. It is good to very erotic.
    It was regrettable Dildo in school bags and waist has not been used.
    She fucked by horse, I wanted to see also a scene she is laughing crazy.

  6. Hola! I’ve been reading your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a
    shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the
    good work!

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