Oasis Cafe: Where naked lolis prance in pairs by the Pool [+ bonus meandering]

bathing lolis01

How many times have I used the EZ Dance? Tons, there’s one with Kokonoe Rin spazzing to it with a pair of military grade dildos buzzing away while in some Sharon Apple-esque disco, there’s one with Karen wearing only boner-inducing body paint with a Majora’s Mask-inspired troupe, there’s an unreleased one with Kinomoto Sakura due to it being improved upon and somehow mutating into the three you already know.

Which brings to question how many times have I made starkly different videos with the same choreography. Lots of them.  In the end, I suppose I should release them too. Sometimes it’s not about spanking new moves but the atmosphere it’s in.  A pair of wet naked young girls shuffling to the same beat as another solo act is like night and day. Sunbathed versus the glare of Lasers, a small intimate crowd versus a faceless throng of glowsticks. Tropical nature versus Mechanical Future.

When you think about it, consider all the stories you’ve come to love, all the movies you hold in esteem. Their plots are hardly new, it’s the delivery that matters.

And so I’m typing this while I’m waiting for both 1.) the next upload to finish and 2.) the Horse Dance to complete the first stage of rendering (Oh yes, it’s done being put together, it now just has to be shrunk and uploaded) I supposed I owe everyone an explanation of how and what I feel when it comes to making my Ecchi MMD’s.

Yeah, the core is naked girls sexualized further with suggestive movements, but for me I’m simply not satisfied with simple background, a sterile environment. Without the crowds, without onlookers, without the random moving of eyes or blushing, without the vision they are being viewed and them reacting according to being viewed, whether surreal acceptance, or coerced stonewalling of their own shame, without the element of being seen and feeling of being seen, to me they’re all just robots moving like a human being. Bland and boring if you ask me.

Which probably explains my habit of always making the start with some random broadcast hijacking. It’s not to insult the videos used and their creators (Up until I had moved into the 60fps territory, I wanted to use exclusively Sanaefroggy’s videos because they’re awesome), it’s the invasion of the forbidden into the light. That the mainstream MMD TV is always sterility (for most part); but that’s what it feels to me.  And for me, in a heralding screech of static; the breaking of boundaries.  Let the creators make what the hell they want to make.

Rules, have no place in Art.

A first rate Artist needs rules like a lover of freedom needs a book of indoctrination.

That concludes today’s bit of wisdom; here’s your prize for reading.

And as always; I will see you in the next video, byeeeee!

6 thoughts on “Oasis Cafe: Where naked lolis prance in pairs by the Pool [+ bonus meandering]”

  1. Don’t have to splain yourself to me Lucy LOL. I like what you do. Background people … no background people. It is all about the models and dance to me. I would like to see a couple more without the juice flowing or the dilldoes stuck up there holes but that is just me. I prefer mine a little more suedate 😛

  2. Dear Mr. yagakoro

    I love video which you create.

    It is because it turns out that there is a background from which most video(s) which you created were made finely, and there are many spectators, and dancer takes in the spectator’s look.

    Since they are conceiving the life to video plentifully unlike a certain minerals MMD, they have a serious charm.

    In addition, I feel production like TV channel jack very interestingly.

    It is visible as if the viewing-and-listening channel was captured during broadcast, and he is enjoying himself very much.

    I expect that video which is full of a feeling of vitality from now on will be created.

    I am sorry when there is an unsuitable expression by the specification of Translation softwear.

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