Airin vs. Alice available on MEGA [Fixed]

Airin and Alice’s dance-off is now available on MEGA!!ZQRwHJ6b!lmRbh7IcPJLIqDqAW8m0adEnMOIwnv69o7UIEvHBJ9k

Teaser as shown in Youtube:

Synopsis: Alice and Airin pull a dance-off to see who’s the crowd favorite. Contests are encouraged to strip to gain more wows from the audience, but whoever loses has to face a massive, powerful, ahegao-inducing mega-dildo.

While the Gateopener is perfectly fine stripping in front of the camera and has excellent moves, Airin has absolutely no compunctions doing similar things in front of a live audience.  Will Alice get cold feet? or will Airin lose confidence? Let the show begin!


All this info is brought to you by the console it’s in: Playstaychen 2

This used to be in my Vimeo account which was subsequently taken down due to it’s change into blatant Nazism. Suffice to say the rave reviews were huge, considering that most of my views tend to generate from Japan. However, the FC2 version is still up.

nope, no spoilers here =w=

Interestingly after this video came out there was  a roaring buzz in the 4chan about how to generate stripping effects. Well it’s not the first time I pioneered something like, considering that it was only after I started making the S&M version of Love and Joy in FC2 did I start to see models strutting and pumping with a dildo jammed in them. s( ‘   w ‘ )v I guess you could say I’m secretly pioneering…or encouraging newer avenues of perversion in the H MMD circles.

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