“Technololi Entry No.45: Karen” out now on MEGA

Get the video here

Maybe I should call this the “Majora’s Dance”

I thought of this as Karen’s first entry into the Techno Loli circuit, but of course no one could tell as I have yet established what she does prior to joining. Maybe I can make a sub arc of her coming across it or knew veteran Airin and finally asked what it is that keeps her from rembering to put on a pair of panties =w=;;

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15 thoughts on ““Technololi Entry No.45: Karen” out now on MEGA”

  1. Thank you for upload(ing) this video.
    The atmosphere of a magic festival which this video has brings me frenzy like the crowd of spectators in video.

  2. Title is “Technololi Entry No.45-Karen” but file is named “Ancient Energy Version 1 SFW” causing me to download twice by error. Please use just one name. Thanks.

  3. she so wiggly 🙂 if you evr redux another oldie on te new machine, could it be this one pls? full nude wit sugar on top? karen is so yum! tnx again! 🙂

  4. Is a bit of slowdown normal for this vid? There is a LOT going on on the screen at some points, so just wondering.

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