( ‘w’ )y here’s your two new videos!

Masked Narcissist


If you get the song, you’ll get the joke.

Download here

Airin and the Magic Arcade Joystick

Len and Airin go out to the mall, LAT Glados asks them to try out her new Aperture Science Neural Device That Resembles a Video Game Controller, hilarity ensues.

May contain an orange and a certain Tako smoking together

Download here

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20 thoughts on “( ‘w’ )y here’s your two new videos!”

  1. yagakoro様



    Mr. yagakoro
    Thank you for showing and giving very wonderful video.
    Your work is elaborated to details and it is impressed very much by it.
    Existence of a background dancer, and orchestra and a spectator can feel your video very organic.
    I am continue to look forward to showing and getting wonderful video.

    1. どうもありがとうございました。
      私は申し訳ありませんが、私は離れて長い間だった。先月、私の腕が壊れていた、と骨が推奨されるまでの月が必要でした。私の健康状態は現在十分である。私の留守中に発生した可能性が何の心配のための私の謝罪。 m(_ _ )m

      Thank you very much.
      I am sorry I was away for a long time. Last month, my arm was broken, and needed a month until the bones mended. My health is well now. My apologies for any worries that may have happened during my absence. m(_ _ )m

  2. OMG, Ronalds dancing to the Heartcatch Precure ending is a bit traumatizing. But wow, adding a full orchestra was a surprise. Even the audience is made up of Airins.
    I have to admit I still like Airin’s old bangs better, but fortunately you didn’t abandon that hair style completely in the arcade video. I think this is the second time this week I’m jealous of Len, that lucky bastard! XD

    1. Thank you! I have to keep the tradition of adding non-sequitur videos at the beginning and the end, but due to me having moved up to the 60fps territory many of the videos I have can no longer be used (they’re on 30fps) so I decided to think of something short and wacky to use.

      I like all my versions of Airin, that’s why I recalled her classic version (the same clothes she used in the Airin vs. Alice dance-off) so that transformation scene is like her somewhat official transition from the K-On hair to Yoikumi hairdo.

      As for the Flamenco dance, the music used there is Vega/Balrog/Claw’s theme, you know the narcissist spanish ninja with a claw. When I first saw the tapdance, my music player had his theme play and so I immediately replaced all the stodgy old men with just images of her as a play on his personality (Narcissism: Airin audience watching Airin performers)

      I used Len because his member was small enough to fit in Airin’s mouth, hurr hurr hurr =w=

  3. Loved both the videos! So much detail. In terms of content I liked the arcade one. But I liked Airin more in the narcissist one coz she was younger :-p. Keep up the good work!

    1. ( ‘w’ )y youtube is too risky. An Unlisted Video in the wrong hands will shut down the account. FC2 is only good for my jp friends, but not so for the rest of the world. Vimeo was sort of fine until it went nazi, Trollvids, my videos can’t afford to be shrunk any further without looking like a mass of pixels. There is one other site I know of but it’s rather exclusive in content so I won’t be able to post everything there (specifically, only my vanilla yuri vids will fit the bill…and a landmine victim will have plenty of digits to spare after counting them all)

  4. awesome!
    an audience in tights is so sexy.
    ‘Airin and the Magic Arcade Joystick’… this is one of the best video.
    I will use this for ages.for fap.

  5. Every time I watch your movie I’m very impressed that it looks like you create a world, and from a scratch, with motifs which I don’t happen to see anywhere else. It’s simply amazing, and really beautiful.

  6. hello.
    thank you for awsm movie.
    it feels HENTAI but also beautiful.
    I’ve never seen it before.
    It’s just awsome.

    and I’m interested music too.
    what music used in this second movie?
    I can guess duftpunk made original but I don’t know this remix.
    I want to know what named and how to get.
    I hope you tell me that.

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