Yes, but CAN you dance?

( ‘w’ )y just to explain a few things, sometime this mid-july I broke my arm, making it extra wiggly ~( ‘ w ‘ )~ so the doctor told me to GTFO of the computer since the last thing I need is an arm with Carpel Tunnel AND Broken Bones.  Still I couldn’t help it and while waiting for the thing to mend itself started to randomly made some alternate MMD works, single-handedly.

Literally, single-handedly.

“But Erin, what about the Horse Video?” Well I got good news and bad news, good news is that the main scene was already completed, around a week before the stairs and gravity conspired to give me an impromptu lesson in acrobatics.  The bad news is that I’m a bit stuck in how to put the sex scenes and dance scenes together. Either way, I’ll be uploading the two videos I made while I was in recovery then once I’m done pick up on the horse project.


It may not involve shoving a thermos up Airin’s butt so I thought of the next best thing: ADD MORE AIRINS!


I am currently uploading this to FC2 right now, which by the way has raised the limit to 1GB.  Please stay tuned to my FC2 channel for the update which should take place by this afternoon tokyo time (it should be around 1 in the morning over there right now)


EDIT: FC2 keeps going into I/O Error if by this Japan Evening time it continues to fail me, i will just upload the video in MEGA or somewhere else.

12 thoughts on “Yes, but CAN you dance?”

  1. Uwaaah, so that’s what happened. Stairs and gravity are evil. I was already starting to worry because you were offline so long. Is it already fully healed?
    Finding good ways to transition between scenes can be hard, especially if you need to move a lot of people/horses around and then find an excuse for them to start boning! XD

  2. Yeah fc2 stuff can actually look pretty decent now. Not quite Vimeo tier and there’s no ‘download original’ option, but pretty decent nontheless.

    Also reading your edit, you should upload to MEGA anyway :3

    1. FC2 failed me, strangely enough, i can watch youtubes in HD with no buffering. I know some people will tell me to leave off some bandwidth for it to work properly, but when it comes to squeaky old eringe, things either be as flexible as my wiggly spaghetti arms, or suffer.
      ~( o w o )~ and so, MEGA it is, it even is smart enough to retry!

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