Too Hawt For Mainstream [Pic Gallery]

And so, since I can’t post these pictures in the more mainstream places I usually do, these will go here.

(‘ w ‘)y enjoy.

Gonna die laughing if I start to see fanart.


airin sex pic1

airin sex pic2


airin sex pic3

airin sex pic4

airin sex pic5

airin sex pic6

airin sex pic7

airin sex pic9

airin sex pic10

airin sex pic11

airin sex pic13

airin sex pic12

12 thoughts on “Too Hawt For Mainstream [Pic Gallery]”

  1. Wow, this turned out better than I expected. And of course there is a huge crowd observing every single thrust xD
    Will there be an animated version?

  2. Would love if you made this a video, since there doesn’t seem to be much of “regular sex” in your videos, aside from the recent Iron Loli Contest, which was spectacular.

    1. For some reason, making a plain sex video just doesn’t seem to do it for me. Sure I did make Yuri Garden which was flat-out sex but after all the effort it seemed to me like anything else I could have seen by going to gelbooru. Secondly, while there are a growing number of sex motions for MMD, many of them require prolonged periods of adjusting, compare this to the regular choreography motions which often require little to no calibration on my part. Finally it just seems to me that I’m finding sex an act so mundane that without the theatrical flourish the creativity falters and so does my interest. I shall of course, integrate sex scenes in my upcoming works if I can justify them.

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