Sakura Samba, Final Version (Encoding in Progress)

I decided to remove all the body stickers, it just didn’t look at good on her at all. that and I needed to tweak the physics since after watching the inital video some of the chain links spazzed way too much.

So while waiting for the rendering to finish I thought it’s time I should be editing the music and the sound effects now.

In the meantime, here’s a shot that you’d probably be wanting to fast forward too, don’t worry, it looks even better when it’s animated so there’s nothing spoiler-ish about it.


I still haven’t answered the question of WHERE to host this, because I know Vimeo can only handle up to 500 mb for free accounts.

4 thoughts on “Sakura Samba, Final Version (Encoding in Progress)”

  1. I wish knew where you could host more than 500MB, but outside of turning it into multiple RAR parts and putting it a 4share, I don’t! 😦

  2. I hope you keep the progress of your work so you can re-release it again if it would get deleted as it sadly happened with the zip archives of this Sakura video here. On a side note i have been really intrigued by your fantastic work ever since i came across your Oriental Sakura video on youtube. Too bad though that back then i didnt know you were active outside of youtube…
    As a matter of fact i just found this page today and it almost blew my mind what you created^^ so on that note i want to thank you with all my heart Doctor Erin Yagakoro.

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