Double Treat~

I apologize for not updating this place as often as I should since I’m often on other places like DA and Nekosentai uploading the still pictures and stuff.

So here’s a double treat on FC2… well yes I know it’s not exactly the best out there but the community there is one of the most encouraging I’ve ever had. Unlike some other grumblers who think youtube is some kind of Open-minded smogasboard of artwork. But…don’t worry, I’m currently testing the waters in Vimeo and Dailymotion, so if you have feedback about those places regarding quality, or have a better place to upload them to, let me know, otherwise, only Teh Sekritt Klubb gets all the HD goodies.

I don’t have a problem sharing, I have a problem looking for places to host them in a proper place thats open-minded.


Oasis Cafe

As complicated as the water effect looks like; with the floating flowers and all, that was completed immediately on day 1. Everything else took forever to do. Production actually predates all other EZ dance vids, but wasn’t compatible with the camerawork which featured tons of undershots and was meant for a single performer. Having to do all of this with an extremely low frame rate needed me to wait until I was adamant enough to push through despite the horrible lagging.


AdultVideo:[MMD]Danceでバコーン!(三千院 ナギ/木之本 さくら/星野ルリ)[R18]

Dance de Bakone!

Name three lolis…I suddenly thought of Past, Present, and Future… Ruri Hoshino is the past considering she practically started the deadpan but cute loli, Sakura is the present (as far as this old lady goes in her time), and Nagi…well anything published on 2000k is considered the future for me.

And as someone said “this should have resulted in a pile up” I would…but that would be four vehicles…yes, those are the same pair or busses, 1 minibus, and 1 chevy passing by on a looped motion.  I was going to add someone passing flyers but I couldn’t think of where she would have to stand.

2 thoughts on “Double Treat~”

  1. Vimeo is wonderful for one reason. Users can download the original file so regardless of how badly Vimeo fucks up your video quality the best version is always available for download. Oh and dailymotion sucks.

    Love your work. Sadly FC2 causes me many problems too and the quality is a disgrace unless you’re a subscriber, which really sucks.

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