Technololi Contestant no.45 Karen Rodin

I haven’t posted here for a while since I focus more on other sites that I get immediate feedback, but anyway here’s my latest work (that took days to build)

and then compare it with something I built in one day… but hey, this is EZ Dance, and I’ve long had a “grudge” with it, something about never being able to come up with the perfect vid to use that choreography, and now I did, complete with all that’s expected with most of my works; the channel interruptions, the smileys at the end and epilogues, and a chock full of special particle effects and the best part: Happy Skeletons >w<

2 thoughts on “Technololi Contestant no.45 Karen Rodin”

  1. You’d think “butt bounce” would’ve been popular by now… WHAT HAS THE MMD COMMUNITY BEEN DOING? THEY ARE FALLING BEHIND YOU!

    1. Thank you very much! I’m so happy to hear that.

      However, I know one other model that has a derriere like that and it’s the Samba Miku, however it’s not very noticeable, mine is accomplished not through physics but through sliders, so yes, i have to manually jiggle them frame by frame, but the rewards is that you can control them exactly as how you want them. Me putting little tattoos to help the eyes also does wonders~

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