To share or not to share?

(= W =)7 Now that’s a pretty tough question to ask.

As you may have noticed I have gone into some sort of hiatus in my site.

I’ve recieved quite a few requests asking for the modesl in question, making me wonder whether or not I should make them available. It’s not really mine, mind you. After all they’re all edits of existing models which means I have no qualms sharing my edits, after all, somewhere along the road someone might be inspired to make a 100% friendly model for me to work on.


(O w O)7 the problem is whether or not the authors I have drawn from would even look at this rather favorably.

As some of you might have known some authors of MMD models have expressed concern about vandalism of models and MMD groups have created blacklists of unauthorized redistributions and basically rampant plagiarism of models.


(= w =;)7 needless to say, I’m not even sure if it’s even right of me to ask the.

Keep in mind my computer outputs every JSIS font as garbage and anything coming out in japanese will take a while for me to read assuming my extremely rusty japanese will pull through. So most of the models and resources I use for the models…. I really forgot who made them or can’t decipher through the garbage characters that keeps replacing my JSIS fonts.


Therefore, for me to make an announcement that I am willing to share my models is no skin off my beak. But I wonder if the authors will feel plagiarized, used, annoyed, and basically go soccermom over their “children” I really don’t know, and most of them speak japanese, and I’m an english speaker so there’s also a massive language barrier.


Though it does kinda make me think of the doujin “industry” in Japan, but the difference is that the concepts are shared but they use their own skill to reproduce the character in question.


In this case I’m hesitant to share a character which was created by someone else which in turned was based after an existing character created by another entity, cause I don’t know if theyu modeller will flip out or not.


(= W =)7 care to help an old lady sniff this out for me? As much as I like to share I don’t wanna kill the goose that lays golden eggs.


I’m going through the record again, i never claim the models as my own. This entire concept was created out of lulz and because I find it very fun cause it’s forbidden. Thrills. Not to spite someone or anyone at all.


-Erin Yagakoro

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