Karen’s Fantasy Parade, 3 takes for 1 footage


By this time you’re already aware that I shoot twice (or lately, thrice) in order to produce two sets of screens that show two (or three) different pieces of footage. This time around I know exactly what to put in those, or more specifically, what angles.

After creating the stage and making sure i’ve eliminated what dead spaces there are in the scene, it was time to start rendering the close up scenes, these two different takes from different angles were pretty much the reason I wasn’t able to post anything for the past two days, plus the same for the main footage as pictured above.

Finalizing how the scene looks is vital, since I need to be able to check if it can render in the first place. The bad news is that I was forced to render as a raw AVI instead of Lagarinth Lossless, which means it takes up space, the good news is that for that particular choreography, it was pretty long, and I don’t forsee myself having to render any further scenes exceeding 7000 frames. Plus, I happened to have quite a bit of space, since most of it is currently allocated to my footage from the last project.

I suppose I could call that particularly long choreography the “base” of the dancing scenes, and I can now flavor it with moves from others. My strategy from this point when it comes to the dance moves is not to aim for something I’ve never done before but to aim for the ones that show her body the best, or the ones that make her jiggle the most

As for the Premise for Karen’s project I pretty much have it solidified as well. I have an idea what it’s going to be about. So that means no more blithe meandering through the library checking what works, or at least it’s more focused on what I’m looking for.

What I haven’t figured out yet is the music, however that is pretty moot at this point since creating the parade scenes and the festive mood are more important, and it’s these two elements that will help me find the one I’m looking for.

And that’s for today’s Progress Report. Up next, I will be generating another set of dance movements for Karen to shuffle her feet to and once I’m satisfied with the results, I’ll move on to the other scenes, which won’t require me to shoot the same scene thrice in different camera views.

Stay wiggly!

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Oh and if you like, you can always reach me on Discord here. Please behave yourselves ( ‘w’ )/  and introduce yourselves please when you do.


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