Deviant Art:




A quick introduction to moi ( ‘ w ‘ )/

A Leftist who is always right.

A wise-cracking, deadpan demagogue.

A Cynical satirist and a well-intentioned extremist.

A politician who plays activist preaching against the evils of conformity.

A rhetorical nightmare with the empirical knowledge to age a listener beyond their years.

Not a feminist, but anti-sexist, yet foremost an eroticist.

A villain with a sense of honor, an anti-hero guided by an ambiguous moral compass.

Chaotic Good to the selfish, Lawful evil to the orderly.

A philosopher who lobbies for limits and freedom for the artist.

Champion to the oppressed and enemy of the burgeois.

A modern linguist and cultural gourmet.

A gourmand to vices and preacher to self-realization.

Too old to be ignorant of the genesis, too young to conform to the corporation.

A Joan of Arc who romanticizes the coming of a valiant prince.


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