Progress Report, Thoughts and June 15th

I’ve been keeping much of Akane’s progress under wraps since… Spoilers. I think Happy School’s trailers have pretty much shown all the scenes in the show. And yes, I know, the idea of a trailer is to show things that would generate interest… like the troll scene with the pig that never happened because…Airin was imagining the whole thing the whole time.

So this does pose an interesting question, how much can you tease people with without ruining the surprise?  I remember a B-rated flick where at the end of trailer it showed the antagonist monster being blown up with a rocket launcher…and guess what? That was final scene of the movie after all.

What the title was, I can’t remember, but it involved a giant mutant spider and Apollo 18 or something, or was it 19?  Ah speaking of which, didn’t a “found footage” film about the moon and alien bugs do the same thing by showing one of them crawling in the guy’s face? It pretty much ruined the interest for me since I now know what to expect. If they just kept the bugs hidden and just shown only the astronaut’s reactions (like the jumpscare scene with the dead cosmonaut) then it would have gotten people’s imaginations running from random theories like Lunar Bigfeet and Moon Zombies, but clearly showing a bug running across someone’s face tells you what this movie’s antagonist is going to be.

So I’m pretty much in a bind on what to show and what not to show. Maybe the best thing is to keep things in wraps? You see, showing Akane’s sexy outfit in a way gives you an expectation of what you’re already seeing. If you only saw Akane’s school swimsuit first,  then imagine what kind of surprise you have when later you find her wearing even less later on in the video?

Of course there is the statement of “well duh, how could we be surprised? This is going to be hentai so we’re going to see her naked anyway and you already showed the source body” And that is true (should I have put a spoiler warning there?) but there’s also that excitement that comes from seeing her disrobe.

Let’s not forget in the past few months there was the rage all about stripping, and a lot of people going “I prefer it when the girls take off their clothes first instead of just –BOOM– barges into the scene in their birthday suit” Airin vs. Alice and the Kokonoe Rin Medley continue to be faves out of the downloaded videos simply because of that added tease even when we’ve already seen every nook and cranny of them in previous works.

The other cause of the delay is some hardware glitches in the computer, it’s old as hell and has survived one too many lightning strikes (…because SUMMER, that’s why…fuck the April Showers!).  Just to clear up, this is still the same old computer with some minor parts replacements, obtained second-hand. While some have volunteered to chip in with either newer parts or a newer pc altogether.

“But Erin whatever happened to the octocore beast?” Ahem, I think there’s been a slight misunderstanding here. This came from a Intel vs. AMD debate and AMD’s pretty much presented itself as just as good for a lesser price. Of course, that price is still out of my budget but was a good thing to consider in the future.

I do have the problem identified; the motherboard is currently being a drama queen on me. First of all, it’s not the PSU because I’ve been using the same wattage since 2006. Second, I’m stuck to using an ethernet adapter because the slot for the LAN cable doesn’t seem to work. Finally, some hard drives pull a vanishing trick on me. What do all of these mysteriously malfunctioning parts have in common? They’re all connected to the motherboard.  So basically there are some crashes here and there while working on MMD that really ruin the day (ergo, why someone told me to why not take a short break)

So, this 15th of June, halfway of the year to be exact, I’m going to be a year older, and wigglier (obligatory smiley here ~( ‘w’ )~ ) so I’ll be taking a short trip away and will be back in a couple of days.  Yeah, birthday is June 15 in case you didn’t get it.  Normally once you’ve grown past a certain date, you tend to see it as just another day though for once in my adult life, there’s one present I could really wish to have =w=

Anyway, time to prepare for my short trip. ( ‘w’ )/ I’ll be back!

Short Story: “Take a break already!”

…So a friend told me to “take a break, this project is killing you and that’s all you’ve doing. these past few weeks.”

And I replied “I can’t, it’s so absorbing and Akane’s just so cute to look at.”

“Well yeah” he mused for a while, ogling at her character sheet (sort of) “but you know every artist recommends spending some time away from the desk in order to get a fresh mind on things. Do something different for a while, play a game…I know, play PSO2 or Minecraft or something. You just might get a new set of costume ideas.”


“Speaking of costumes, I already got the alternate Rifrana Biscana from the old PSO as well as the Yukihime weapon Camo from the Shining Force series.” I said absentmindedly

“How much time did you spend farming for that? Those collab things cost millions!”

“…that’s why I play PSO2 sparingly and not when I’m in a workaholic phase. Besides… haven’t you seen the latest Emergency Quest missions? Magatsu’s popping out like pancakes almost everyday, and I’m a sucker for those AIS missions. Much worse, Mining Base Defense: Despair might pop up… that game’s a blackhole, it might take me a few days to wean myself off of it.”


“But hey you’ll get some good ideas off of those, right?”

“I sure might! Haven’t you heard someone parodied the Ep.2 Intro of PSO2 using the Kancolle girls?”

“Look, don’t even go there, and that’s not helping… you should take a walk or something to clear your head.”

“Alright I say.” anything to shut him up.

A few days later…

misty fake manga1

incidentally, don’t ask where I got the speech balloons from…you will be severely injured psychologically for the rest of your life.

“WTF IS THIS!?” he demanded.

“Just something I photoshopped for fun while taking a break, just as you suggested.” I replied.

“You’re supposed to take a break! Not do the same stuff on 2D!”

v(9 w 9)v What can I say? I’m having fun doing stuff.

Progress Update: Perfecting the characters


Just a few moments ago, I released quite a few sneak pictures in my pixiv, special thanks to Takuya for helping me out with some special effects for Akane, that’s the name of our new loli btw.

It’s nothing you haven’t already seen before, considering how some may have seen them already in some places I posted them in previously, furthermore, I don’t want to spoil the project yet on what it’s about.

Yes, I’ve been talking about gameplay parodies and metal gear parodies and stuffs, and some may have even heard hentai action games being mentioned, like this for example…

Speaking of the stealth genre… I also did mention making it like Assassin’s creed and…

…well I guess that’s a good sign for my project.

I seem to have taken for granted how much work was already put into Airin to the extent that I was able to easily mod her into a new costume in a couple of hours of work, Akane on the other hand, had in a way… needed to be done from scratch, in a manner of speaking, since she lacked the modularity Airin’s years of existence had.

But still she is pretty fun to work with.

While december’s MMO Parody project lampooned certain things I experienced when playing those games, I felt it didn’t feel like a fake gameplay vid enough. This time I’ll be changing that and making it look as legit as a gameplay vid as I could.

To do this, certain extra bones will need to be fabricated. Followed by adjusting certain motions. I realize in hindsight it might make some motions looks a little choppy and unnatural, but strangely enough, nobody complains about those when they’re playing.

Anyway, time to get to back to work for me. ( ‘w’ )/ I want this done and I want it looking perfect. just remember to stay on my twitter to catch up on any microupdates, and it’s a lot easier there that way.

Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~


the usual italicized text goes here as some kind of footer… something about a Patreon Page to fund stronger hardware to speed up the process and other stuff or just if you want to show your support… or something like that.

and then a second paragraph talking about my Mega Download Archive where  you can watch movies which have a separate Catalog that you can peruse? I don’t know. and then something about staying wiggly and thanking you for visiting.

~( ‘w’ )~   and this weird smiley with the wiggly arms


Random thought of the day: Unity and hentai games

Today I’m taking a day off, to keep a couple things in perspective (i.e. not on a download spree, not working on mmd, not searching videos and sounds to use in the project), apparently my brain thinks I need these silly things called “rest” and I decided to humor it.

So yeah, a buddy came along and said “It’ll be interesting if one day you picked up on Unity and made some game with Airin or something.”

Honestly, there’s tons of ideas on what kind of games I could do with those, but I decided that, now’s not the time, at least not yet for me to pick-up on Unity. Though it felt kinda ironic that my current project is based on a gameplay parody.

So you know what? Just because I currently don’t have the skillset to do that doesn’t mean I’ll keep my ideas for myself for a hentai game. So if anyone who does unity sees this, hell, feel free to steal this idea…then gimme a link so I can play it.

I was thinking of a Rogue-like game, theoretically this should be simpler to do (something called “modularity” and “procedural” comes to mind”), has lots of replay value, and it’s not hard to think of how to keep the game hentai-ish, idk…slimes and tentacle traps?

I pretty got much this idea, after watching Vortex00’s playthrough of various hentai games which pretty much is like a normal game except there’s an incentive to lose them over and over again because each monster a sex scene with the heroine.

Demento also comes to mind, though you might know it as Haunting Ground. Anyway, I was thinking it was about time people started making more interactive hentai games like LAB -Still Alive- and Legend of Kokage, games that had actual gameplay and that you didn’t feel bad losing in, because honestly you wanted to see what happens if the heroine loses at the point.

There’s a couple of other things I did want to talk about but I’ll spare that for another entry, anyway, time to step out and get some oxygen.


~( ‘w’ )~ Stay Wiggly!

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