Pixiv 238 and the most personal bar stage yet

238th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Settle down folks, let’s begin today’s blog entry properly by announcing todays winning entry into the Pixiv Rankings. As Kermit would put it.

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And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat! I kinda made a slight mistake in posting since I missed out a Rin gif during the club’s introduction segment.




Don Duck’s Club House


Our favorite Fedora-wearing smoking Duck opens up his private club house, a country style-themed decor with rustic charm.

Who’s performing? May? No this time, it’s Jackie’s turn. It’s a different continuity, and Don Duck just grew into me as a very funny character. Plus, the clubhouse’s rustic look just looked so RPG-ish and what self-respecting RPG doesn’t have it’s share of furry/feathery/scaly characters?

prjjckiexrevolvebar prjjckiexrevolvebar2

Alternatively I could just replace this with the generic businessmen, since some of the characters are rather hefty (I’m looking at you, Len and Kaito! You’re 2mb each!) And I might even have to ditch the bar girls if I can’t fill up remaining spaces.

To be fair I’m not aiming to pack the bar until it’s bursting full but just enough to eliminate all the dead space.

It’s Ironic how at this point I’m downsizing my stage’s population while others are beefing up theirs. Well it’s not a trend (I hope) but just rather me wanting this stage to look at little more relaxed and personal. Like if this was the Guild’s private club then the different members should look distinct and not a homogenous mass of shadows.

And guilds kinda remind me of the silly costumes people wear


horsehead pso20140617_210337_003

So anyway, here’s something that’s not apparent, now as you’ve all known me, I apply tons of effects on files. However, while loading the file, I noticed how good Jackie looked without them. So after loading the .emm file, I disabled pmotskin effect and voila. Natural beauty!


Of course that means I can’t be lazy with the lighting effects anymore, which now that I think of it, I have been back to consciously matching the light direction to the camera since Project Rin…whew, I can never stop talking about the first time I used a customized pmot skin, can I?

prjjckiexrevolvebar5 prjjckiexrevolvebar6

Alternatively the glow of the stage does kinda make me think this takes place in the late afternoon or near sunset which brings to mind music such as these


Well whatever the music is, the best thing to do right now is to populate it twice, first the RPG-ish mob and then a modern version. Then I have to put up paintings and other decor on the walls since they seem kinda bare. That’s a lot of work but the kind I wanna do since hey! I love designing things.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly everyone, because…


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