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Rearview of Rin Festive Scene,  Crafted Extras, Starting with Beginning.


So today’s update some good news. So I finally am done with the front view scenes.  At it’s current state, it now requires me to load two pre-loader files before getting to the latest one. I’m sure there’s a much simpler way to do this but so far this is the only way I can get it to work.

It’s a short scene. But a scene nonetheless. I think it’s worth having, and finally wrapping up that part of movie felt like finishing a mini-project. I know that it’s very likely it’s not going to get noticed or talked about. But nobody talks about the bridge we cross to get where we need to go either. Maybe some are right, this was a waste of energy but, we’ll only know after all is said and done. And let’s not forget there’s stuff that I did that may seem inconsequential to me but was like the hottest thing for someone else.

So yeah, I don’t think I wasted my effort. Someone out there might like it.

I guess that’s all that matters, right?


So I’ve laid down the footage in my video editor and put down some cheesy dialogue and it got me thinking, how should I handle it?

So what I can take away from this is that it should like people actually talking and not soft-fourth-walling it by telling boring exposition. Have them talk like people and minimize telling what the plot is.

Now in theory, theory because I’ve yet to do this, this might actually be a great addition to scenes that either static, repetitive, or have seen one-too-many-times in other videos.  Now that’s interesting because suddenly what people have to say suddenly become the main focus as opposed to the visuals. Yes I do know that Plot is a silly thing to consider, but have you ever considered the possibility of using that Dialogue to insinuate the more interesting stuff out there?

Let’s use the simplest example out there: “It’s been XX hours/days/weeks now” or “…how many have guys had…” these simple bits of text in an ecchi doujin suddenly creates a new dimension for the old-in-out scene.  Mindblowing Ahegao-Inducing Sex is one thing, but when you preface it as going on and on for a very long time in one session suddenly puts the hentai scale past eleven with the needle flying off the gauge and embedding itself deep into the Earth’s core.

With a very base genre like this, visuals should be able to do the job alone. Now I might be a nerd, but I have come across some really interesting fanfics and similar literary works too.

Is it too much ask to for both?

Ultimately, it’s about how to convert that writing into something that would work alongside the visuals.

I mean, in the offchance of a one in a million I’m thrown into a dream studio where I get to make manga or do movies in the director’s seat, then it’s way past overdue for me to start flexing those writing muscles a bit more.

I could keep doing what I’ve always been doing and just using only the visual element to drive the continuity forward. However, I do believe that with some polished writing ability it can create an expectation that there’s more to come.

Now that is some really lofty talking, I do admit. Now let’s consider this one.

Visually speaking, we’re just looking at two guys making their way from point A to point B, the dialogue however, makes it such a memorable scene and it turns an otherwise bland sequence into something that fleshes out two characters. And it’s an interesting dialogue too.

But when it’s an action scene… how does one manage it? Let’s take Rin’s festive scene and what are those boys going to say that’s going to be so sophisticated and interesting aside from telling her to “go with it or else?”

If you’re stumped then so am I.

But what do I have to lose? \( ‘ w ‘ )/ If it ends up silly then it actually becomes a cheesy movie, right?

( ‘W’ )/ riiiiiight?

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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