Horsehead in Attendance!

And so everyone’s favorite crowd monster is confirmed for this project



He might show up in the real action scenes, or not.

One of the problems with the pokemon fight scenes, as short as they are are sure being double difficult since they weren’t rigged properly. I can’t blame the riggers, some have four legs others have two, do you call them paws or arms?  I’d say at least have the decency to have them grouped but hey, they’re riggers not biologists of fictional creatures.

It’s not like the human MMD models are any uniform as well. Some have two spines, others three. Some of the genus Nakaoesis Touhouicus Babaensis have freely movable lower vertebrae while species of Kakomicus Loliflorae have no groove bone.

Then again, humans are pokemon…

“By the way Erin, don’t those Pokemon fight scenes look at little low quality to your ‘standards’?” that is intentional. I’m making it clear that it’s not my focus but also to initially present the world as bright colorful and simple. Because their world is presented as that simple, intrestingly it’s this simple base that allows people to make all those kinds of interesting theories and fan works.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m trying to take a piss on it, even though I never watched the show. But that’s the atmosphere that I want to present it as. Colorful, simple, …and Blaziken tearing the competition to shreds.

screen results2

So that when it’s the real showtime, life takes a 180 degree turn and you have this dark club with bright strobing lights that change color. Please do not use certain materials while watching the video (@w@)

But you know what took me so long? aligning the banner to Horsehead’s hands. Sure I could have not OP Parented Bone’d the thing and do what I always do which is create a separate special model but hey! Just modernizing here =w=

Seriously though I think it’s the assignment of the bones  of the banner because its layers after layers of which bones follow which.

So yeah, where was I? The fight scenes, because the bones aren’t labelled properly because again… biology issues with different species. Means I have to do eveyrthing manually. Which by the way, isn’t going to go pretty soon because guess what? The sex scenes too. But I suppose that doing the old in-out should make things easier.


But it’s fun to do.




That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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